Today goes something like this


I finish reading On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King.

*Eyes beam with excitement*

*Pulls up the laptop and opens Word*

A little muse sits on my shoulder.

“You should start working on this story, there’s so much to play around with when it comes to description”.

A new little muse sits on my other shoulder.

“But my story is really cool and it’ll help you to experiment with dialogue and character development”.

The first little muse crosses their arms and sticks their tongue out.

“So would my story, and besides, it’s going to be really scary! That’s always fun to write”.

Second muse rolls their eyes.

“And my story is all about fantasy. So anything is possible. She can work on your story afterwards”.

“But then she has to do a second draft and it’s going to take forever”.

“Because you’re not providing inspiration to start writing, you’re just wasting time arguing with me”.

“It’s your-“

*Starts rocking back and forth*

My phone vibrates and I’m pulled out of a mini panic attack. A text message from hubby.

Both muses are nowhere to be found.

Sid: How u feel?

Me: I’m doing well.. I think I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself cuz of my anxiety.

Sid: Awww

Sid: Ima push you into the fire XD

Me: Is it creative fire?

Sid: Yup

Me: Awww 🙂

*Curls into a ball on the couch and begins reading a new book*

I’ll try again tomorrow.

(Too many ideas… where to begin)