Our love


To the only person my vulnerability matters is you. I love you. I want to grow old with you and share our vision. I’ve never been so afraid to lose someone other than my family.

I love the person you’ve helped me become. I am in love with you.

I want to keep you as close as possible.


You are my anchor in the sea
My ambrosia
My muse

Crawl inside my headspace
undress my soul
indulge my reveries

Saturate yourself in desire
love me obscene
invade me with your alchemy

My heart is ablaze, my flesh scorched.

Dancing flames, disintegrating into ash
silhouettes glistening, spun ravenous
entangled beneath an amethyst sky

Merging with your taste, your scent,
your maddening chaos

I devour your passion, unabashed
completely, infinitely
I am transformed by your existence

You are what I want,
what I crave, what I dream of
I am spellbound by your being.

I stand here now because of what you do for me.