Reinvent our cityscape


Hundreds of thousands were pumped into renovating a public restroom for tourists.

Don’t worry, our tax money is untouched. It was raised through fundraising and sponsorships, etc.

Cars are driving on damaged roads. Our school system is lacking resources, co-locating with other schools. Homeless people wander the streets begging for food, a pair of shoes, cash for survival or something to destroy the last bit of sanity they are holding onto. The shelters are overcrowded and dangerous. No treatment facilities for users that need real support and guidance to get clean.

Gone are the eccentric shops for kids/adults who dare to be different with their rainbow hair, spikes, and platform boots. But look, there is another fast food place. There is also a Starbucks, in case you missed the other Starbucks down the block. Tear down the last bookstore in the area, strip away imagination. Knock down a landmark theater, one of the few left charging $6 a ticket to watch new movies. Turn it into a bank. Older buildings are falling apart and the rent continues to rise. The neighborhoods oppress the culture and colorful history. Family businesses are closing down; hardworking establishments built from the ground up that cared about their customers.

Elevate the stress of the community. Create droves of jaded zombies.

Goodbye Renaissance Diner, I’ll miss your mouthwatering Oreo cookie milkshake. Goodbye Monster Sushi, I’ll never forget the fun Godzilla figurines displayed around the bar. I’ll always appreciate your fair prices and the peaceful environment you provided for this little introvert.

When I want to experience some luxury, I’ll be sure to pass by the lavish public bathroom, sit my ass down on the toilet, and take my time reflecting on this city’s priorities.