Subterranean White Noise


How I envy these bedazzled visitors, neon fairy dust twinkling in their irises.

A siren’s aria flirting in their ears, whispers of lyrical tantalizing flings.

They are craving a taste for subtle chaos and audacious romance.

If I step into their shoes, I see the appeal and childlike wonder of this city.

Where everyone looks like somebody, each with an interesting story

And if you don’t think so, they have the attitude to prove it.

We are primal roar beating fists against your chest kind of tough.

We are resilient and proud folks. And will continue to clock in more hours than we are fully awake.

A collective of visceral kaleidoscopes, lava burst eruptions poking holes in happiness.

When you fly back to your spacious homes near the beautiful topography of mountains, oceans and forest, do you think fondly of our majestic skyscrapers? Or do you melt into the trees?

I wait patiently in my own special box, resisting the turbulence and fighting the gloom.

My past transgressions bled into the cement, every stranger peeking through vexed expressions, as if they know all about me.

I imagine they don’t have the time to care that much.

When reapers sing and the faceless weep, I’ll flee these poignant ghosts of memory.

They can keep my soul, but my chipped heart is coming with me.

I’ll soon be ready to jump off the hamster wheel and follow you in the sky.