Following my heart vs a steady career


Soul searching question: How do people end up leaving their day jobs to pursue freelance work or make a living being a writer (or just doing what they love)?

I remember when I was younger I wanted to become a veterinarian. Why? Because I thought that animals were cute. It was as simple as that. Until my mother pointed out that I would need to go to school for a long time and take out expensive student loans, and so I was discouraged from pursuing it.

Then I wanted to be a writer throughout my teens. I wasn’t sure how to go about it, even though I received positive feedback, people were quick to point out that I might not make a dime. So I pushed this idea aside too. But I never completely gave up on it.

Is choosing a career ever that simple or do we make it harder than it has to be?

Keeping my ideas and observations in check and just doing what is expected of me. Devoting all of my energy into my job and not having the time to take care of my personal life. Feeling guilty whenever I need to call out due to an emergency, or because I feel sick, or mentally, physically and emotionally drained. I look at my pay check and the amount of taxes being taken out and I wonder to myself.. why? Why do many of us work like this and don’t reap the benefits of what we’re putting into our careers?

People talk about being passionate about what you do. It should fulfill you. You should be free to be creative, to help and inspire other people.

When do you start to go beyond what society expects of you and fight for your own dreams?

I’m gathering the pieces of the puzzle.. but I wonder how they will all fit in the grander scheme.


4 thoughts on “Following my heart vs a steady career

  1. Great post, Scarlet! I left the corporate world last year and started my own copywriting company. It was a big leap, but it has actually been great for me, and MUCH better pay than I was making. If you have the hustle and talent, you’ll be okay!

    I blog about this sort of thing on my site, if you’re interested in checking it out! (In fact, there’s a post on there about moving into the freelance world after being fired twice. ha.) Just wasn’t how I thrived, and it sounds like it isn’t for you either! Best of luck!


    1. Thank you JoAnna! That’s very encouraging to hear. I’m hope to one day find the best way for me to work on something I create and pursue it full time.

      Yes, I am interested in reading. 🙂 What post have you written that conveys your journey the best? I’m checking through your blog, still learning to navigate through the blogging universe (sometimes I can’t even find my own stuff, and I don’t have that many posts. :-x)


      1. I don’t have many posts yet either, unfortunately.
        Here’s a link to all of my blogs:

        But I think you’d be most interested in “The Upside of Getting Fired Twice” ( and “4 Tips for Going Full-Time Freelance” (

        Also, if you are interested, I am doing a giveaway on my most recent blog for a really awesome planner that helps you set/reach 3-month goals. 🙂

        Nice connecting with you!


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