Scarlet Sessions: Transparency – Part Five


My art reveals my truth.

One piece alone has little to do with who I am as a whole.

Life is a culmination of struggles.

Self-imposed mental disruptions.

I make an incision through this substantial pool of memory.

Divulging the complexity of a single thought.

Some days feel like a chore, my smile is plastered on.

Cycles of depression and anxiety contained in unshed tears.

I bear the weight of misdirection

a pawn knocked away by the hand of power.

Words marked maligned in speech, constructing rancid thoughts

I crave connection beyond small talk and trivialities

I strive to be braver than a fear stretching ocean wide

I am aware of this vulnerable invasion emanating from my pores.

There is no such thing as perfection.

Shedding every ounce of pain, bleeding down a canvas.

I’ll bare no witness to my internal destruction.

Seek laughter. Feed my brain.

Search for wisdom. Create silver linings.

Do not despair.

If I could help someone,

and say “Don’t be afraid, you are not alone“,

it’s all worth it.


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