Capture this moment of beauty


Two bodies lie pressed against each other. Eyes heavily misted with desire. She wonders where this feeling comes from. Such a feeling that isn’t natural to her. Yet it consumes her in this moment. It doesn’t belong to her.

Sinking further into this sensation, lips caressing necks, legs growing weaker, hands gripping onto heated flesh. Eager fingers working their magic. She feels it the way she feels him throbbing inside of her. Sinfully inebriated. She clings onto this feeling as if she knew it all along, as if it was always meant to be hers.

Expelling out of every pleasurable gasp sounding from her mouth. This endowment of beauty she can only glimpse through the eyes of shared passion. This sense of control, or perhaps lack of it, a gratifying release, causing shivers down her spine. This fierceness, causing tongues to inflame, bodies made ravenous.

As she feels that last tremble overcome her, and a final moan escape her lips, the feeling begins to melt away and all it entails, even before she could grab onto it tightly and make it a part of herself. Robbed of this powerful bliss she wanted to hold onto, to finally capture this woman who had just felt so utterly beautiful in that passionate moment… staring down at herself. Staring down at him.