Midnight Requiem


Sweltering in a wasteland of tempestuous partners

Inebriated strangers masquerading sapphire dreams

They toast to the sultry and the blissfully sedated

Just watch them as they all talk about each other

Polluting the mind with controversy and soulless innuendos

Catching admirers in a delicate spider web

Every conversation revolves around consumption

Collecting places

Collecting people

Collecting things

Stories of argumentative love and vapid virtues

Vomiting out their lost aspirations in a bathroom confessional

Washing out the taste with a double shot of Jack and nicotine haze

Their masks start slipping as they sing out-loud “How lovely death would be”.

Retreating to their darkest places as the neon stars blink out

I am shackled to this despair, the world is spinning.