The Depths Of Slumber


Every night I lie restless

The silence of the city becomes a needle

Puncturing my headspace

Bleeding thoughts

Spilling anxieties

Descending darkness

Presses a hand to my throat

Squeezes tenderly

Slumber’s tide suspends me in a limbo state

The fragility of my mind

Unleashes it’s macabre

A prelude of solemn stories

Amorphous forms unraveling melancholia

Nocturnal things sick with blood fever

Gorging on my veins

Permeating the air with death




A labyrinth dreamscape

Rooms within more rooms

Within madness

Within horror

Within screams


My heart races, knocking against my chest

Penetrating the stillness and collective ill tempered voices

Eclipsing my demise, burying me where I fall

I shall never sleep peacefully

I am haunted by nightmares