Illusive Inferno


A cannonball taking aim

give her a moment to embrace the flames

Close her eyes as she holds her breath

hopelessly savoring her own living death

Caught in the headlights of impeding doom

crash and burn she was made to lose

Puncture the heart it’s had enough

fabricated passion can only fake so much

Pleasantly bless her with your neglect

exile her soul and all she has left

Sustained afflictions feel so numb

dismissed and final it’s come undone

Empty it out this vessel of misconception

a peace offering for your monumental deception

Worn out the welcome, deter from dead dreams

kiss these cold lips and echo their screams

Just lay her down but touch her not

upon this desolate grave leave her to rot

A mere figment of her foolish imagination

anything more might have been her salvation

Blow these ashes off the edge of this world

tell her she’s perfect now and let the lies unfurl