Azure Sea


I let myself drown in those waves. I could never remain floating on the surface, without drifting off into the deep end and forgetting how to swim. It felt so good to have the sun shine down on my face. I was captivated by it. The way the light danced in my eyes and warmed my cheeks. If only I could have reached out and held it in my hands to soothe my heart. Maybe I would have understood sooner. As a fault, I would continue to visualize the dense fog stripping the sky of light, even before the sun would set. I began to swim frantically, as though when the sun began to fall below the horizon, I would be pulled into the sea and never make it back. I feared those waters only because I knew I could never claim that sun and I wasn’t prepared to swim in the dark. Quite possibly I salted my wounds in that sea every time I was flowing in those waters. I never believed in the calm before the storm. I just feared that stronger winds would always blow. Even if it poured and raindrops streamed down my face, causing my body to shiver, I wouldn’t waver. If I could just open my eyes and feel that sun again, if it could make me feel that beautiful when its light shone down and bared my soul for just a moment, I would continue to dive into that sea and suffer those waves. I knew nothing other than what it meant to me… what could the sun know…