Terror Vision


What is normal? – A rehashing of the same thoughts, same images, same ideas regurgitated to the masses. Conforming to what’s politically correct. Based on net worth, views, marketability, biggest following. Measured by profit, not quality. Visual and audio stimulation for the majority’s set of standards. Mindless entertainment.

I like the unconventional. The eccentric. Creative thinkers. Outcasts. I need substance to move me.

Mainstream conformity is intolerant, there is a stigma for being different. Offbeat. Strange. If most people are not talking about it, or don’t know about it, that means it must be weird. So they attack it.

Live by curiosity, not fear.

Steer your judgments.

People are missing out on great musicians, artists, writers, directors, performers, because they are doing something different. They are missing out on brilliant individuals.

The scene in the city has changed. Years ago I used to ride the train in mourning attire, platform boots, removable acrylic fangs, dark makeup. I found my tribe on the strip of St. Marks, checking out punk stores, going to metal bars, goth clubs. It was home. Now, not so much. That girl is still in me, but the light has dimmed. I buried the persona to keep me out of trouble. Sexually explicit catcalling, stalking, creepy stares, it’s not amusing. The vibrant energy isn’t the same (for me anyway). Most of the people I knew are gone. Or best forgotten. I still adore all dark things.

I’ve loved the genre of horror since I came out of the womb. My mother would put scary movies on right before bed. I would sometimes wake up at night screaming from nightmares, but I wanted more. The 70’s and 80’s had great movies.

Stranger Things gave me that old school horror vibe. I almost shed a tear of absolute joy when it premiered. Foreign horror is incredible. I’m also into anime and video games (Role-playing and survival horror mostly). Zombie flicks, monsters, aliens, supernatural beings, serial killers, psychological thrillers, dark comedies, science fiction, all of it, I’m a fan.

I would like to showcase these interests throughout my blog. I am a cluster-fuck of recreational pursuits.

I want to introduce Dragula. If you’re interested in seeing a show of gender-fuck, alternative aesthetic, horror makeup/themes, mix of Fear Factor, Drag Race, and American Horror Story, check it out.

It’s their first season, so not the greatest budget, but it’s fun to watch. Full series on You-tube.


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  1. What a peculiar blog… Loving the style of your blog, and I have read through some of your posts, they are one great ride, especially those poems that you have on your blog, they are so majestic. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


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