Binge-worthy: Castlevania


I completed the first season of Castlevania on Netflix. There’s only four episodes, under 30 minutes each. It’s setting up the main stage for the second season (airing 2018 and will be eight episodes in total). You don’t necessarily need to know the story-line of the video game franchise to follow what’s going on, because it’s a fresh take on the plot, and there’s enough backstory to fill you in on the characters involved.

The voice-acting, the anime influenced-style visuals, the music score, are all great in my opinion. The protagonist is awesome, he has a sense of humor, which helps balance the seriousness of the story. The show fits right in with the action adventure/dark fantasy genre, with elements of horror, which is to be expected from the Castlevania series. Some people might find the grotesque visuals to be too much, but I didn’t find the violence to be excessive just for the hell of it. It’s done well and creates a tense atmosphere.

There is a strong plot brewing and I’m interested in seeing more. It’s the first season, so keep an open mind and don’t compare it to other shows. Experience it for what it is. A good adult animated show. No sparkly vampires here. Just darkness and bad ass monsters.

For anyone curious about it, check out the trailer below:



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      1. Ah yes I don’t blame you. There’s so many shows I want to watch but I don’t always have the time either. Fortunately Castlevania wasn’t too long so I was able to finish in one sitting. But now I want more of it. Lol. πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy it.


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