Summertide musing


I’ve been neglectful of my blog due to sickness, time constraints and exhaustion as the cherry on top.

The summer heat drains me. I want to strip out of my skin.

I throw money at the electrical company to supply me with delicious cold air without remorse. I try to hide from the sun and would love if I could plant fully grown trees down my path to instantaneously shade me from the scorching rays. I feel the perspiration droplets forming on my forehead as I move a fraction of an inch, and I quietly sulk when I see others whom might have a mystical cool breeze following whenever they go, sweat unseen.

I developed a cold last week, the symptoms worsening each hour. I was confined to my bed, delirious from fever, shivering under blankets, too weak to get up. Hubby to the rescue with homemade soup. Sleep decided to befriend me, I couldn’t get enough of it, we have a fickle relationship when I’m healthy.

I returned to work the following day, and the next, and the next, I even went out this weekend. Now a week later, I’ve lost my voice. I went into work this morning, assuming no one would talk to me. Merely two hours in I realized too many of them seemed to need my help. I escaped very early after that.

I wish I could take the whole summer off from traveling to the city and live in a cave, devouring books.

The significant train delays (such as today there was a fire on a track line) makes people more angry. We are overheated from waiting in the station, tired from work, and on top of that, we have to deal with crowded trains experiencing issues every day. It causes people to fight and argue out of pure frustration. Another thing is when it’s hot weather, there’s too many people hanging outside, and a lot of men get really ballsy and persistent trying to get your attention and holler at you. Sometimes it really doesn’t matter what I wear, it’s like a pack of wolves sniffing out meat, so I just walk faster. I hear people talk about their summer outings with pseudo enthusiasm, as if they are already bored of the experience, yet feel the need to boast about how they got their bronze complexions.

It’s so easy for me to focus on the negative aspects when I’m ready to pick up and go. My perspective is blatantly sour, but I’m accustomed to the taste. It keeps me proactive. I bought our first flight ticket on a whim a few days ago, scheduled for October. First step. This will be our last summer here.

For the readers that follow me and the ones passing through, I am grateful. I wish I could interact with other bloggers much more frequently than I have the chance to. If I like someone’s post, it’s because I read it and it resonated with me. Or I am cheering you on. I prefer to comment when I can. Make it personable, give encouragement, share kind words. I am by no means a known blogger, but I don’t mind it. That’s not what I’m here for. Likes are just meaningless clicks if the reader grasps onto nothing of substance from my words.

I hope once I overcome the hurdle of the next couple of months, preparing to transplant myself and my partner and find a new home on the other side of the country, I am able to devote more time into what I love doing. And discover like-minded folks. Until then, kindly bear with me.