The great zombie king


I remember watching Romero’s dead series growing up with one of my close friends (whom unfortunately passed away) and we would talk about the gruesome special effects, satirical storytelling, and everything that made his movies unique. George A. Romero broke boundaries, inspired low budget filming and pioneered the modern zombie genre. Night Of The Living Dead was a game changer.

Aside from zombies, cult classics such as Creepshow 1 & 2 and Tales From The Darkside anthology TV series still stick out in my mind. He had such a huge influence on the horror genre. I need to complete the catalog of his movies myself, perhaps do a weekend marathon.

Romero inspired the Resident Evil video game franchise, which is one of my favorite survival horror series.

It makes me proud that he was born and raised in The Bronx. Check out some of his work below:

If I ever find a way to create a re-animator serum, I’m bringing him back to lead the zombie army.


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  1. Bless George Romero’s soul. He was a genius and started it all with Zombies.

    Hollywood should have given him a recognition for paving the way for future Zombie movies to come. I love every movie he’s done and his legacy will always be remembered. 😦

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